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Energy for the People is a certified B Corp. Our business (with a social purpose) is independently verified as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We aspire to use the power of business to solve intractable social and environmental issues. Our social purpose is tackling youth homelessness through employment.

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NEW: Featured Case Study

Energy for the People partnered with the Community Housing Industry Association (Victoria) to assess the business case for solar investment across diverse properties in the social housing and aged care sectors.

Our assessment showed the potential for $1,500,000 of investment (in solar, alone) across 47 buildings and a blended simple payback of 7.25 years.

Including savings to the State Government Energy Concessions budget reduced the payback to 5.5 years.

A note from Energy for the People's founders - Alex and Tosh


Alex Houlston

"We have a unique opportunity to use the 21st Century's unstoppable transition to clean energy for the benefit of all. We aim to ensure the financial and social benefits of clean energy accrue to local communities, including those who can least afford to pay, and simultaneously improve the standard of living for everybody, not just the few".

Tosh Szatow

"Energy markets are in the midst of an historic, once in a generation change. It is a cliche, but no less true because of it. Now is the time to put our collective shoulders to the wheel, because whatever we manage to achieve today will set a new direction for the energy market, for generations".

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