Our founders, Tosh and Alex, were both working in large organisations when they met. They were agitating for a new energy market - one that was customer-focused and supported important social and community aims, not just the bottom line. A timely introduction by a mutual friend put the two together and, six months later, Energy for the People was born. 

Tosh and Alex share a deep alignment of values, including social justice, equality and opportunity for all. They also have a deep commitment to addressing (arguably) the greatest challenge of our times - climate change. They are both natural entrepreneurs, with the motivation and creativity necessary to deliver solutions to complex problems, in the face of adversity.

"Energy for the People" is a play on the Gettysburg address - a common reference point for the birth of modern democracy. In order for democracy to work effectively, The People need to be constantly engaged and informed. They also need to have faith and trust in their elected representatives. Democracy doesn’t just happen, it requires constant effort and diligence to ensure The People’s interests are served.

Energy for the People's role is the provision of independent, clean energy services. To support the aim of transitioning to a democratic energy market, the company ensures its clients fully understand their energy options and make well-informed energy decisions. The process builds trust, and is critical to ensuring the great energy market transition we are experiencing will serve the interests of The People.