We plan, assess, structure and deliver energy projects and strategic partnerships to realise Community Energy goals. 

Communities are increasingly seeking alternatives to standard grid electricity - for financial, social and environmental reasons.

Successful projects are required to navigate complex energy market regulations, balance diverse stakeholder aims and objectives, and maintain momentum around a shared vision. 

Energy for the People has developed a reputation for delivering project outcomes in complex stakeholder environments. We:

  • Efficiently and effectively assess the feasibility of your project;

  • Help you deliver Community Owned Energy Infrastructure on the ground;

  • Leverage innovative financing models to deliver successful project outcomes;

  • Navigate regulatory requirements and secure regulatory approvals;

  • Design and run strategic workshops to help focus your stakeholders and collaborators

  • Structure partnerships which enable effective project delivery


CASE STUDY: Footscray Community Arts Centre goes community solar, VIC

Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) is the premier community-engaged, contemporary arts space for Melbourne’s west. $21,600 raised via their Peoples Solar crowd-funding campaign was matched by $78,400 partner funding to install a clean energy package that has saved FCAC $14,000 per annum on energy costs, allowing them to fund new arts programs. 


WORK SAMPLE: Transition Tyalgum, A Plan for Energy Self Sufficiency, NSW

The Tyalgum community, with support from The Office of Environment and Heritage and local business Australian Radio Towers, is exploring pathways to zero emission energy supply, including the potential to become self-sufficient by generating and storing all of the town's energy requirements locally.

Energy for the People was engaged to help the community explore their energy options, and financial viability of the project. Options include ownership and management models and their regulatory implications. The work included development of a project plan for the community of Tyalgum to implement.

Learn more about our work with Tyalgum and Newstead, two communities leading the charge to 100% renewable energy

CASE STUDY: Transitioning to 100% Renewable in Newstead, VIC

In 2015, the community of Newstead, in central Victoria was able to secure a $200,000 commitment from the Victorian state government, to help develop a commercially-viable solution for transitioning to 100% renewable energy. Energy for the People is working with the community of Newstead to assist with that transition. 

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