Our Process

We deliver successful energy projects using a simple, three step process:

Step 1: Energy data gathering


The quality of our analysis and recommendations are only as good as the data we gather. We hold meetings, request documentation, visit your building(s), take photos, review site plans and elevations, collect energy bills and organise data (we even climb into roof cavities if we need to). We only stop when we are satisfied we understand how you use energy, how you plan to use energy in the future, and your broader project goals.

Step 2: Analysis and recommendations


We crunch the numbers and create a business case for investment. We draw on our real-world experience, ensuring market prices are up to date, relevant to your project, and factor in any hidden costs or risks. We can tailor your Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value and cash-flow projections based on your opportunity cost of capital, hurdle rates for investment, appetite for risk, and individual mood (on any particular day!).

Step 3: Implementing and monitoring upgrades


Many energy projects stop before they start - going no further than a report which sits on the shelf. Our efficient, effective approach to competitive procurement helps to ensure projects reach practical completion. We integrate best practice social and local procurement. We follow-up with monitoring and evaluation, to ensure the results are delivering our customer's original expectations. We provide end-to-end quality assurance. 

We adapt our core, three-step process to suit any project's needs. The sooner we are involved in your project, the more value we can add, so contact us today to get started.

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