Property developers. Enhance project outcomes with leading-edge, customer-driven, clean energy solutions.

Planning a new residential, retail, or mixed-use development provides the perfect opportunity for delivering great energy outcomes. Today, more than ever, this is what your customers expect.

Energy for the People services deliver:

  • Reduced infrastructure and compliance costs;

  • Enhanced branding and marketability of new residential, retail and mixed use developments

  • Leading-edge technology and community ownership solutions;

  • Future-proofing of communities against rising energy costs; and

  • Staged solutions which grow with your development.


Client's always ask, "when should we get you involved?"

The answer is always: "as early as possible, ideally during the feasibility stage."


INSIGHT: Top five risks when building
Microgrids for greenfield developments,
(and what to do about them)

Microgrids are a hot topic when it comes to sustainable energy supply for precincts. As a developer, you have the opportunity to get energy infrastructure right from day one.

The following case study is our take on the top five Microgrid risks, and how to avoid them. Download it, read it - and, whatever you do, don't make these mistakes.

MICROGRID CASE STUDY: Mixed-use development, Bendigo

The "Great Stupa" is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, and will be the anchor point for a new, mixed-use precinct of residential and commercial zones, requiring over 2MWh of electricity per day (in summer), with peaks in demand over 500kVa.

Learn how we worked with the development team to understand, assess, and optimise energy infrastructure, including the option of 100% self-sufficient energy supply.

How we fit in with ESD and engineering consultancies

Energy for the People looks beyond engineering and compliance-driven energy solutions for specific buildings, to create precinct-scale solutions, which enhance development outcomes. We provide end-to-end project services which include:

  • Pre-feasibility and "ideation", helping you discover, test and refine technology and delivery model options during the planning phase

  • Detailed technical and commercial due diligence, including screening new technologies for risks, aligning commercial delivery models to your needs and managing regulatory constraints;

  • Crunching the numbers, to create a business case for investment in clean energy solutions, including options for creating income streams which support your new community; and

  • Finally, we facilitate and/or support your procurement processes, to ensure that you benefit from the most competitive market rates, service quality and social procurement options.

We can provide a full range of ESD solutions, or work with your preferred ESD consultants.

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