Our Solutions

Energy for the People develop and enable tailored solutions, which suit each individual client's needs. Here are some examples of technologies and energy solutions we assess and deliver for the benefit of our clients. 



A Microgrid is a small-scale power grid, which includes electricity generation, storage, and (typically) smart energy management. Microgrids can operate independently, or in conjunction with the main electrical grid. We believe solar powered Microgrids are the future of energy supply for regional Australia and new urban precincts.


Embedded Networks

Embedded networks are private wire electricity networks, which serve multiple premises - typically a block of flats/apartments or an urban precinct on a single property title. They help reduce residents' costs by enabling the aggregated purchase of energy, and can be combined with solar power, battery storage and electric vehicle charging.


Clean energy packages

Choosing the optimal solar system, combining it with the optimal energy efficiency solutions, and re-negotiating retail tariffs (what we call a clean energy package) can reduce energy costs by 50% or more and payback in less than five years. Getting it right can be complex and time consuming, which is why we do it for you. Easy.


Carbon off-setting with Social Impact

We link finance with projects to deliver great social outcomes. If you need money for solar power, or are looking to offset your emissions, while delivering social impact, we can help.

Crowdfunding Solar and Energy Efficiency

The People's Solar is a community solar platform solution. As your partner, we assess your energy needs, and leverage our crowdfunding platform to raise funds and build community. You invest the subsequent energy bill savings for the benefit of your community.

Energy Performance Contracts

We help organisations with large asset portfolios negotiate the optimal Energy Performance Contract. 

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