Business needs purpose, beyond profit
— says us...

That is not a clever catch phase. It is what we believe. #bcorp #bthechange #impact 

We will invest $10,000 before 30th June, 2018, to support young Australian's at risk of homelessness or recidivism.

Tranche 1: $5,000 before December 31, 2017

Tranche 2: $5,000 before 30th June, 2018.

How will we invest? Good question....


What we will support

We are looking to support start up, or early stage social enterprise.

You might be an individual with a good idea, loads of skills and even more motivation.

You might have been operating for a couple of years as a group, and ready to take a big leap.

Either way, you will be focused on addressing youth homelessness, or recidivism, by creating employment.


What we are unlikely to support

A social enterprise that is competing in a niche already served by a successful social enterprise.

A social enterprise that has already tapped significant impact funding, i.e. if you have already had $50k+ in grants and support, we are unlikely to support you.

A social enterprise that is working to address an issue that is not related to youth homelessness or recividism.


Here is the thing. There is no set criteria. This is not a beauty contest where you have to guess at what we want to hear or see, and spend hours trying to shape your pitch. We have had to do that for other people and we know how that feels.

We just want to hear from you. Understand your motivations. Get a sense of how ready you are for this. How committed you are. And get comfortable that if we give you $5,000, you will go on and do good with it.

Want to know more? Use the form below to nominate an enterprise, ask us questions, or if you are feeling generous, contribute $ so we can grow the $10,000.



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